Operation Management

Operation Management

Our experience:

We started the operation management of hydro-electric plants in 1985 and the operation management of wind parks in 1998.

Christoph Eckert, general manager of RENERTEC GmbH and head of RENERTEC`s management service for energy-producing plants is well experienced in the management of hydro-electric plants and wind parks. Practical and further studies have enlargened his mechanical qualification, resulting in comprehension know-how of any energy-producing plant and equipment especially for wind and hydro power plants. Considerable experience has been acquired in the operation of equipment supplied by manufacturers such as Enercon, GE Wind, REpower and Fuhrlaender and Ossberger. Constant contact is maintained with the service departments of these suppliers regarding monitoring, performance improvement and maintaining the latest technical standards.


The thesis for his graduation as engineer sponsored by one of Europe's leading wind turbine park planner and operator, analyses the operating efficiency and availability of a 10 units turbine wind park (stall turbines, each 1 MW rated, pole switched)

Gerhard Eckert, RENERTEC`s managing director is well experienced in project management and supply of nuclear power stations in more than 30 years, he also developed successful concepts of preventive maintenance thereof. His knowledge and experience of many years of work in the energy generation sector is at the disposal of technical management at all times.

Our philosophy:

  • intensive, committed service and online-monitoring of wind turbines by qualified staff
  • continous effort to reduce defect-related downtime
  • staff schooling in plant engineering techniques and their further development.

Our service:

  • analysis of fault data and their distribution to identify trends with monthly reports to owners illustrating wind park operating characteristics and revealing system faults
  • 24 h remote monitoring of the technical state of generating plants
  • technical plant inspection/expert knowledge
  • insurance negotiation
  • optimization of plant availability and efficiency, involving regular presentation of performance graphs/power curves and fault occurrence data (particularly important during the period of warranty)
  • regular contact and meetings with service departments to co-ordinate and monitor operation and maintenance with the aim of optimising availability and efficiency. Exchange of information deriving from fault data analysis and performance graphs
  • creation of wind park data archives
  • exchange of information on systems engineering and weak points of it
  • organisation, co-ordination and service of regular rotor, transformer and general technical maintenance
  • Service repairs of plants in co-operation with their owners.


Overview wind farm projects planned and built

Windpark Number of turbines Turbine type Power Hubheight Start of planning Commissioning Dismantling
Schlüchtern-Wallroth (I) 5 WEA Enercon 500 KW 65m 1997 1998 2015
Schlüchtern-Elm 7 WEA GE Wind 1,5 MW 85m 2000 2002
Brachttal-Streitberg 2 WEA GE Wind Energy 1,5 MW 85m 2000 2002
Vogelsberg 11 WEA Fuhrländer FL MD 77 1,5 MW 85m 2000 2005 - 2006
Karlsburg-Lühmannsdorf 10 WEA Repower MD 77 1,5 MW 61,4m 2001 2003
Schlüchtern-Hutten 5 WEA VESTAS V90 2 MW 125m 2006 03.2010 (3 WEA) / 03.2011 (2 WEA)
Mücke-Feldatal-Ulrichstein 14 WEA Enercon E82 2,3 MW 108m 2010 2012
Stadtallendorf- Erksdorf 3 WEA Enercon E82E2 2,3 MW 138m 2010 09.2012
Wächtersbach Constantia-Forst 12 WEA VESTAS V112 3,075 MW 140m 2011 09.2013/02.2014
Schlüchtern-Wallroth II 9 WEA VESTAS V112 3,075 MW 140m 2011 2015
Feldatal- Am Biehnes II 2 WEA Enercon E115 3 MW 149m 2011 2015
Brachttal-Spielberg/Streitberg 3 WEA VESTAS V126 3,45 MW 149m 2011 2017
Steinau-Hintersteinau 8 WEA VESTAS V126 3,45 MW 149m 2017 2018

Overview wind farm projects operation management

Number of turbines Turbine type Since From To
9 GE Wubd 1.5sl 2001
6 Fuhrländer FL MD77, 1,5 MW 2005
17 Enercon E82 E2-2,3MW 2012
2 Vestas V112- 3MW 2013
9 Vestas V112- 3MW 2015
2 Enercon E115- 3MW 2015
11 Vestas V126- 3,45MW 2017
10 Enercon E115- 3MW 2021
9 Nordex N117- 2,4MW 2021
5 Enercon E49- 500KW 1998 2015
16 Senvion MD77, 1,5MW 2003 2015
11 Fuhrländer FL MD77, 1,5MW 2005 2015
5 BWU 48/750 2007 2020
2 Fuhrländer FL MD77, 1,5MW 2008 2015
1 Fuhrländer FL MD77, 1,5MW 2008 2015
5 Vestas V90 2009 2020
10 Vestas V112- 3MW 2012 2020

References Technical management of hydro power plants:

  • 1 Ossberger Turbine 30 kW (seit 1985) Technisch Modernisiert 2018
  • 1 Ossberger Turbine 120 kW (seit 1990) Technisch Modernisiert 2018
  • 2 x Francisturbinen 65 + 90 kW (seit 2004) Technisch Modernisiert 2018
  • 1 x Francis turbine, 1 x Kaplan turbine 40 + 160kW (sincec 2007)