• 2,35 m height of fall
  • 5,77 qbm/sec flow rate of the 90 kW turbine
  • 3,1 qbm/sec flowrate usofng the 65 kW turbine
  • approx. 700.000 kWh annual output
  • both Francis turbines manufactured by Maschinenfabrik B.Maier, Brackwede.

The Kinzigmuehle`s 450th birthday was in 2004! During the centuries the mill was used as flour , oil and paper mill. In the 1970s groundwood pulp was produced. 2 Francis turbines (65 and 90kW rated power, manufactured in 1952) produced the necessary electrical energy. After that the turbines were out of production for approx. 25 years (till 1993). Than the previous owner reactivated the power plant. Since then the power plant has been again in permanent operation. The family owners of RENERTEC GmbH purchased the power plant and its surroundings in 2004.

The electrical output is fed into the public grid of the local utility (KWG).