The Werramuehle at Heringen/state Hesse already exists since the 12th century. Indeed the potash industry was interested in taking over taht plant in 1912, but this intention failed due to the owner of the flour mill. In 1912 the plant came into the possession of the Jacob family by marriage. After 1920 the mill owner Heinrich Jacob had two possibilities: giving up the mill or invest to compete against the industrial mills. He decided to invest and after three years of reconstruction a new, highly modern mill was completed in 1927. The output increased by 22 times and tons of grain could be grinded a day. Two hydro-power turbines generated the electrical energy for the mill and residual buildings of the plant. In September 2007 RENERTEC took over the mill from the Jacob family. During the next years extensive technical modernisations and improvements of the hydro-power plant were planned and performed. Also the vacancy buildings will receive a new utilization.

Technical Data:

  • 1,55 m height of fall
  • 16,5 qbm/sec rated flow using the 180 kW Storek-Kaplan turbine
  • 4 qbm/sec rated flow using the 40 kW Voith-Francis turbine
  • approx 1.300.000 kWh annual output.

The output of the power plant is fed into the puplic grid of "Eon Mitte Netz GmbH".

Technical Modernizations:

  • Total renewal of concrete walls at the inlet
  • Construction of a fish ladder
  • Complete revision of both turbines in the factory including a new runner for the Kaplan-turbine
  • Installation of a hydraulic-driven trash rack
  • Online-remote control of the plant

Experience gained here provides the basis for the planning and supervision of subsequent European projects for small hydro-generating plants up to a rated output of 5 Megawatt. On the basis of its know-how, RENERTEC carries out planning and plant construction and supervision throughout Europe. To interested persons we offer the chance to invest into newly modernized hydro power projects with the opportunity of realising attractive, secure and long-term returns.